Dream diaries

Sleepless night

I was asleep in my bed and woke up as i felt something heavy on top of me. When i opened my eyes, there was nothing there! I panicked; and as i tried to move, my body felt paralyzed. I knew something was wrong, so i started calling out to my mom; but i had no voice! I tried to scream but nothing changed. My mom eventually walked past my room and noticed i was struggling to move, but out of nowhere; my cross necklace was torn off my neck and it flew at my mom. My door slammed shut and i was finally able to scream even though i still wasn’t able to move. I could hear my mom banging on the door, trying her hardest to break it down! She eventually opened the door and i was finally able to move; i quickly ran to her and started crying. We sat in the lounge with Leeroy, trying to stay awake. My mom was holding my cross necklace and said “I’ll call nana and we can go to church with her”.

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